Joe Remillard


Joe Remillard, professor of art at Kennesaw State University, creates artwork as manifestations of the deep sensory meanings he receives from the surrounding world. His ambition to paint, or “snapshot,” these pieces of the world comes from his belief in the fragility and value of life.

“There is an aesthetic movement reemerging today that reclaims the importance of beauty in art,” explains Remillard. “My art is part of this movement. I tell myself that this is what I want to do in life: freeze beauty.”

As a traditional realist artist, Remillard creates works that affect him in much the same way as viewers who experience his art for the first time. “My paintings are truly quite selfish,” he says. “I paint them to give me pleasure, not only pleasure during the creation process, but in looking at them again and again after they are completed. I see my art as a ‘cup of joe’ for my soul. It is gratifying to know that my art may also fill a similar need in others.”

A former lawyer, Remillard is proud to have followed his dream of pursuing his passion for art instead of continuing to practice law in New York. He considers his life a testament to those unsure of what their path should be.

“My proudest moments have been to see the expression of satisfaction on the faces of students when they have created a work of art that they never thought they could,” he explains. “It just reconfirms in my mind that if you do what you love, success and happiness will follow.”