Kennesaw State students to travel to Washington D.C. for inauguration

A busload of Kennesaw State University students will leave this weekend, eager to witness history as President Barack Obama is sworn in for his second term on Jan. 21.

“We want to witness history, but we also want to build bridges among the student organizations,” said Yen Rodriguez, the president of Kennesaw State’s chapter of the NAACP. “We want to make connections and use the trip to get to know each other.”

The trip was planned shortly after Obama’s re-election in November. Also going on the trip are members of the Mexican American Student Alliance (MASA), the Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s Kennesaw chapter, representatives from the African American Male Initiative and about a dozen other students. Several faculty members will also travel with the students.

 “We want to promote diversity at KSU,” said Karissa Oyola, of MASA. “By attending this moment in American history, we hope to make our presence known in D.C. and to represent KSU and Georgia in a positive way,”

The students plan to post pictures of their trip online. To follow, go to:

Kennesaw State NAACP:

Hispanic Scholarship Fund @KSU:

Mexican American Student Alliance (MASA):

--Yolanda Rodriguez