Mattox graduates from USG’s Accelerated Leadership Academy

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Long-time KSU administrator is first to be selected

Robert (Bob) Mattox, assistant dean and director of Student Success Services at Kennesaw State University, graduated this week from the University System of Georgia’s Accelerated Leadership Academy (ALA) Scholars program.

Mattox, who joined KSU in July 1990, is the first KSU administrator to be selected for the ALA, a new eight-month program conducted by the USG Executive Leadership Institute (ELI). Twenty-one scholars in all were selected from among the USG institutions.

According to the USG, the aim of the acceleration pool is to deliver a concentrated development effort focused on a small number of leaders to prepare them as quickly as possible for more demanding responsibilities.

“Bob was the first KSU professional to be selected and graduate from this program,” said Jerome Ratchford, vice president for Student Success. “He has shown exceptional leadership qualities in his current areas of responsibility and this will prepare him to help Kennesaw State even more in the future.”

An alumnus of the ELI’s 2009-2010 Scholars program, Mattox said the ALA sessions built on his previous experience and opened new doors, as well.

“The Accelerated Leadership Academy provided a good opportunity to further hone my skills in leadership and management,” Mattox said. “It definitely gave me a chance to gather more knowledge and practical experience to implement some new ideas as far as leadership is concerned.”

The goal of the USG program is to build a leadership culture by providing the next level of executive leadership development and certification, extending the initial ELI experience.

“Part of the training involved working on a major team project,” Mattox said. “My team focused on providing experiential opportunities for under-resourced colleges and universities that don’t have dedicated career service functions to teach them how to develop their core program to help students find co-ops, internships and jobs.”

Mattox’s team presented their work to the Board of Regents in March. “It went well. Now, they want us to present it to the vice chancellor for economic development.”

The ALA program components involve such areas as development and career planning, executive coaching and working in cross-institutional teams. Special attention is focused on innovation, change leadership, team growth and meeting the challenges that come with a dynamic environment.

-- By Robert S. Godlewski