Pan-STARRS comet visible in the western horizon this month

If you can find the moon, you should be able to see the Comet Pan-STARRS this week in the western horizon, said Theodore N. LaRosa, a professor of physics at Kennesaw State University.

But bring binoculars and look for an unobstructed view of the sky.

“The moon creates light, so it will make the comet dimmer. But it will be easy to find,” LaRosa said. “It will get higher in the sky throughout the month and once you find it, it will be easier to follow.”

LaRosa’s work focuses on radio astronomy and the interstellar medium. He has been involved in Very Large Array (VLA) observations of the galactic center region of the universe. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s VLA is located just outside Socorro, New Mexico.


The Pan-STARRS comet will be visible after sunset. Use the moon to help you find it in the western horizon. Image courtesy of NASA.