Welcome to PeopleAdmin

We have rolled out and successfully implemented the PeopleAdmin online faculty search and hiring system to all colleges on campus. All full-time, part-time, and temporary faculty searches and hiring are now conducted using PeopleAdmin.

Link to PeopleAdmin:


How to Gain Access to PeopleAdmin

There are two requirements in place for gaining access to PeopleAdmin. These requirements do not need to be completed in a specific order. Once both requirements are met, Enterprise Systems and Services (ESS) will establish your access to PeopleAdmin using your NetID and password and notify you via email within two business days.

1.      Attend a PeopleAdmin training session

Send an email to facultysearches@kennesaw.edu requesting training. Academic Affairs currently holds training sessions on an as-needed basis.

2.      Submit a PeopleAdmin Security Request Form

The form should be completed, signed by two levels of supervisors, and submitted to ESS per the instructions on the form.


Guidelines for Filling Faculty Vacancies

The Guidelines for Filling Faculty Vacancies section of the Academic Affairs website contains the detailed guidelines for conducting faculty searches. Please visit this website for more information concerning:

  • search policy documents by position type, including college/university level tenure and non-tenure track, full-time tenure and non-tenure track, and part-time/temporary hiring
  • a sample job posting for each position type
  • the required short ad template for college/university level and full time tenture track advertising
  • publication deadlines for "The Chronicle of Higher Education"


Additional Instructional Materials

FrequentlyAskedQuestions - for campus users


Service Email

If you have any questions concerning PeopleAdmin or faculty hiring, please send an email to the campus service email address, facultysearches@kennesaw.edu. You will be contacted within one business day.


Applicant Resources

The Applicant Portal - KSU's store front for faculty positions. Here you can view all open faculty positions at KSU and get a better idea of the applicant's perspective.

Applicant FAQs - common questions applicants have concerning the application process for a faculty position.

Applicant Service Email - If an applicant has contacted you with a question you are unable to answer, please send an email or have the applicant send an email to the applicant service email address, facultyjobs@kennesaw.edu.