Quiz Settings in D2L Can Be Confusing

Some of the terms associated with quiz settings in Desire2Learn 9 can be confusing and may not actually do what is expected at first glance.  In this article, more information is provided on how better  to deliver quizzes as intended in D2L.

In D2L, an instructor can set the time limit and a grace period for a quiz submission. 

The "normal" is not what is typically desired by instructors.  Look at the help information to see if it matches your normal concept for late submissions. 

"Users can always submit their quiz, regardless of time limits. If the quiz is submitted after the Time Limit no points are deducted."

The "Late Limt" is likely what an instructor would think the Grace Period was for.  Look at its help info.

"Users can always submit their quiz, regardless of the set time limit. If the quiz is submitted after the Time Limit + Late Limit time expires, the user receives a score of 0 on the quiz. You can manually grade this score if you feel that the user deserves more than 0. 

The Late Limit restriction only applies if the "enforced" check box is selected."

"Auto-Submit Attempt" does not automatically submit a student's quiz attempt on its own.

"After the time limit and grace period expire, the quiz does not complete any action that users try to perform, but prompts them to submit their quiz attempt. If users take no action, the quiz shows the attempt as 'attempt in progress' in the quiz grading area.

To enable auto-submission you must also select 'enforced'."

What to make of these, consider a few of these scenarios where the time limit is 60 minutes and the grace period is 5 minutes:

Students taking a "normal" quiz could start the quiz, work past the 65 minutes and keep making saving answers up until it submitted, maybe days later.

A quiz with a "Late Limit" of 10 minutes will give students who take more than 75 minutes a zero grade, but this is marked as late and can be graded later. 

Students taking an "auto-submit" quiz  will be able to save answers for the 65 minutes.  After 65 minutes, they can keep working and marking answers, but won't know they are past the time limit until they save of submit.  At that time, they will find out which answers were not save.

Confused?  Me, too.  It seem the best recommendation for instructors is to use time limit and grace period with the auto-submit setting, be sure to enforce and show clock.  This should notify the student of the ending time, warn when the quiz answers are no longer being saved and submit the quiz at the end of the total time.

Have a reccomendation of your own, share a comment below or send it to us at d2l@acme.kennesaw.edu.