Moodle: Can I use Moodle to upload video files?

To upload videos to Moodle v1.9, we provide access to the Resources in order to do so. 

  1. First, turn on administrative editing by clicking Turn editing on in the top-right of the webpage.
  2. Next, locate the specific topic (or week) you want to add a video to. Click on the Add a resource... drop-down menu and select Link to a file or web site.
  3. Provide the name you want displayed with the uploaded file. You can also give a short summary of the file, if necessary.
  4. Next, click Choose or upload a file ... to bring up the File Manager for the course.
  5. Click Upload a file to bring up the File Uploader.
  6. On the File Uploader, click Choose File to select the video file you wish to upload. Once finished, click Upload this file to upload the video file.
  7. After uploading, your video should appear in the file listing on the File Uploader page. Locate your video vile and click Choose to select the video.
  8. Remember to click Save and display or Save and return to course to attach the uploaded file to the topic/week.


Please note that this does not allow for students to view the video in their browser (like YouTube). Instead, this downloads the video file to the students’ machines, so they can open the file and view the video in whatever application they prefer.