Moodle: How do I manage students in a course?

Adding students into Moodle is a two-pronged approach involving: loading the students into the system and assigning them to the course.

Student loads are handled internally by Advanced Computing Services on campus. If a faculty member or student is not appearing in the list of users, please submit a ticket to the Service Desk at extension 6999.

Assigning Students to Courses

  1. Open up a web browser and navigate to the front page of your course. From the left- hand menu, under Administration, select Assign Roles.
  2. The Assign Roles page lists each role for the course and lists the number of users in each category. To add or remove users, click the role name on the left-hand side.
  3. In this example, we are adding a user to the Non-editing teacher role. To add a user, select the user from the list (with assistance from the Search field) and click the < Add button.
  4. Before exiting, click the Assign roles in Course: [course name] to finish assigning users to roles.

Please note that you can follow these steps to remove users as well, by selecting a user from the existing users and clicking the Remove > button below the < Add button.