ACS is currently performing an open pilot of the MediaWiki software for the Kennesaw State University community. 

A wiki is a website that is designed to be collaboratively edited by a group of people. Wikis are often used for community-mantained documentation, group brainstorming, editing, and fast content publication. Wikis have many more uses and allow for the quick creation and publication of content when the fine-grained control of a full website is not needed or desired.

One of the best-known examples of a wiki is Wikipedia, the community-developed encyclopedia. Wikipedia uses the same MediaWiki software that we are using here at KSU.


Though every effort is made to maintain the MediaWiki system as a quality service, it is in a pilot phase, and may experience some downtime due to issues or for maintenance or improvements.  Additionally, fully custom wikis are not yet available.

Questions regarding the wiki service may be submitted via our contact form, or through the service desk at x6999.

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