10 Tips for Going Green at KSU

RIM and Sustainability: Natural Partners

10 Tips for Reducing, Reusing and Conserving

1. Implement a records retention program (reduces total number of records; reduces record storage costs).

2. Think before you print! If you must print, use recycled paper; print on the other side of discard prints; set your printer to "draft" mode to save ink.

3. Be an advocate for "going paperless." Suggest ways to improve processes to reduce excess paper use.

4. Keep a recycle bin in your office.

5. If your building or department does not seem to be recycling, speak up!

6. Only send records to off-site storage that absolutely must be kept (consult the BOR Record Retention Guidelines).

7. Use the AIM shred bins ONLY for confidential documents (reduces energy consumption by AIM for servicing the bins).

8. Know who the Record Copy holder is for the records you keep (reduces record duplication).

9. Turn off your computer power-strip each evening.

10. Make sure your office uses recycled paper. Click here for a shopping list of "green" office supplies.

Want more information? Check out Sustainability at KSU.