Rita Impey-Imes Rare Book Conservation Fund

Rita Impey-Imes Rare Book Conservation Fund

The Rita Impey-Imes Rare Book Conservation Fund was established in October 2012 to honor former Rare Book Curator Rita Impey-Imes and her many years of passionate devotion to the Bentley Rare Book Gallery. Her enthusiasm and love for story-telling has touched thousands of visitors to the Gallery and inspired many to pursue careers in libraries and special collections.

Funds will be used for the conservation of books, prints, manuscripts and leaves in the Bentley Rare Book Gallery, allowing them to be seen, held, studied and treasured by generations to come.

For more information regarding the Fund, please contact Dr. Tamara Livingston at tlivings@kennesaw.edu or (770) 423-6989.

Checks and credit cards are accepted. Please make checks payable to the "KSU Foundation" and indicate that the donation is reserved for the "Rita Impey-Imes Rare Book Conservation Fund." For more information on giving, please visit:

KSU Office of Development: How to Give