Disabled/Handicap Parking

The KSU campus exceeds State and Federal regulations for the required number of spaces reserved for the use of disabled persons parking on campus. Every lot and deck is in compliance with mandated regulations by providing parking spaces in proximity to every building.

A valid temporary or permanent handicap permit issued by the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of Georgia must be displayed in a visible location in the vehicle.

For information on how to obtain a permanent or temporary permit, contact disAbled Student Support Services (DSSS) at 770.423.6443 or visit www.kennesaw.edu/stu_dev/dsss/dsss.html

Students who require access to the handicapped spaces in Lot C can contact DSSS located in Suite 267 of the Student Center to arrange for access. Cobb County Transit has been provided with access cards for their para transit shuttles to transport disabled students to KSU. Lot C handicap spaces are on a first come first serve basis. Faculty/Staff spaces may not be used if no handicap spaces are available.

KSU has a zero tolerance policy for illegally parking in handicap spaces. Any vehicle parked illegally in a handicap space is subject to a fine and/or towing.