Copy/Print Services for Guests and Visitors

Copy/Print services are also available to guests and visitors to the KSU campus.  Guests and visitors are able to utlize the Multi-Function Devices for full color or black and white copying and printing capabilities.  

Costs for copying/printing:

  • One sided (single) copy or printed page:
    • Black & White: $.10
    • Color: $.50
  • Two-sided (or duplex) copy/print equals two pages

With the exception of the coin copiers that require cash, accessibility to all printing and copying services require a valid KSU ID or Guest Card.  Guests and visitors are able to purchase KSU K-Cash Guest Cards in which funds can be added in order to use the copy/print services. These cards are available for purchase at any K-Cash machine on campus.  Guests/visitors may purchase a card at a K-Cash machine for $2.00.  They can then add funds to the card to pay for any copying or printing they may need, or even making purchses on-campus at any outlet that accepts K-Cash.  K-Cash Guest Cards work like any other declining balance account debit card.

All transactions from purchasing the Guest Card to loading funds onto the card can be made using the K-Cash machine. Most K-Cash machines on campus will only accept cash; and the machines do not provide change, so using the exact amount of the funds you want to load is necessary if using the K-Cash machine to load funds onto a card.

The funds on the K-Cash Guest Card do not expire.

Please visit the K-Cash webpage for detailed information on how these elements work.  You can access links to the K-Cash page through the links on this page or via the Resources drop-down menu on the main menu bar above.

Should you experience any issues with a copier or printer, please call the Copy/Print help desk at 770-423-6999.


Help Desk Regular Extended Hours of Operation

7:30am - 11:00pm
7:30am - 5:00pm
7:30am - 4:30pm

Semester Breaks Hours of Operation (excluding Holidays)

8:00am - 5:00pm