Student Parking Citations and Appeals

Appeals Questions? Call 770-499-3403

Failure to adhere or abide by established parking and traffic regulations may result in students being cited for violations with penalties.

Most parking fines are $25. All fines must be paid within 30 days. Failure to pay a fine within the 30 days may result in a $25 late fee. Students with unpaid fines will be subject to holds on class registration and release of records.  All parking fines are to be paid at the Bursar's Office on the 2nd floor of the Student Center or via Owl Express at:

Upon receipt of the third unpaid citation, students’ vehicles are subject to being booted or towed. All outstanding citations must be paid in order to release any registration or records holds and to remove vehicle boots. Towing may also occur if an illegally parked vehicle is considered a hazzard by the Department of Public Safety.


  • V01 Area not designated for parking
  • V02 Boot Fee
  • V03 Commuter vehicle parking prohibited
  • V04 Derelict/abandoned vehicle
  • V05 Expired permit
  • V06 Failed to pay at visitor lot
  • V07 Fire lane – Blocking/impeding
  • V08 Improper display
  • V09 No parking permit displayed
  • V10 No valid permit displayed
  • V11 Not in designated space
  • V12 Not parked lawfully at curb
  • V13 Other parking violation
  • V14 Overtime parking
  • V15 Parked blocking driveway
  • V16 Parked contrary to sign
  • V17 Parked in no parking zone
  • V18 Parked in bus stop
  • V19 Parked in dedicated space
  • V20 Parked in handicapped zone
  • V21 Parked in loading zone
  • V22 Parked in reserved space
  • V23 Parked in tow zone
  • V24 Parked on lawn/grass
  • V25 Parked on sidewalk
  • V26 Parked on unimproved land
  • V27 Parked too close to intersection
  • V28 Parked within 10 ft. of fire hydrant
  • V29 Parked within 10 ft. of us mailbox
  • V30 Parked wrong direction
  • V31 Taking two spaces
  • V32 Tampered permit
  • V33 Tow fee
  • V34 Unauthorized use of permit
  • V35 Visitors only in this lot
  • V43 Parked in church reserved area
  • V44 Parked in faculty/staff lot/space
  • V45 No carpool permit displayed
  • V46 Parked in visitor space
  • V47 Parked in KSU Police space
  • V48 Resident parked in commuter lot
  • V49 Commuter parked in resident lot


Student parking appeals may be submitted to the Department of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (SCAI). The Student Parking Appeals Panel (SPAP) is composed of faculty, staff, and students, who hear appeals in regards to all parking violations except handicap, boot, and tow violations.

Appeals must be submitted to SCAI within 14 calendar days of receipt of the citation. Students must submit the Student Parking Appeal Form, a typed letter explaining the reason for appeal, a copy of the citation (or the original), and any supporting documentation. Incomplete appeals will not be considered and will not be heard by SPAP.

For more information, please contact SCAI at:

University Village, Suite 5100
TEL:  770-499-3403
FAX:  770-499-3630