Student Printing

Students may print documents on any printer with a Print Release Station, which are associated with campus networked computers located in the various students labs and in the common areas such as the 2nd floor of the Student Center and the lobby of the Science and Mathematics building.

How to print:

  1. When you are logged on with your NetID and print from any application, your job will be sent to the Print Release Station for the printer you selected (except for some of the Library computers that support public access and use a PopUp screen).
  2. When you go to the Print Release Station simply tap your card on the card reader, select the job you want to print, verify the cost, and select print. If you are using a Guest Card to pay for the printing you will be prompted for your NetID before your print jobs can be displayed.

Students may also send jobs to print via a personal computer or laptop with Internet connection using KSUPrint at

  1. Login with your NetID on the lab/library computer
  2. Send your document to print from the computer and select the desired printer
  3. At the Print Release Station for the printer selected, tap your KSU ID card through the reader; select the job to print, verify the cost, and select print.

Costs for printing:

  • One sided (single) copy or printed page:
    • Black & White: $.10
    • Color: $.50
  • Two-sided (or duplex) copy/print equals two pages

*NOTE: If you do not have sufficient funds to pay for what you want to print, you must go to a K-Cash terminal to add funds to your account.

If you have any trouble with the copier you can call extension 770-423-6999 to talk to the help desk.