Alissa Tertichny

I am humbled to have been selected as a 2014  recipient of the Clendenin Scholars.  As a second-year Master of Social Work student at Kennesaw State University, I enjoy investing in the global community. In 2011, I had the opportunity to participate in a medical mission trip to Alajuelita, Costa Rica through the Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC). While in Alajuelita, I was involved with providing medical treatment and health education to low-income immigrant children.

Alissa Tertichny

Providing health screenings and medical treatment to low-income immigrant children in Costa Rica. 

Etsegenet "Mimi" Endale

I am deeply honored and humbled to have been selected as a Clendenin Scholar for 2014.  Being part of such a prestigious group of students encourages and motivates me to continue my quest for excellence.  As an International Conflict Management doctoral student at Kennesaw State, I had the opportunity to participate in the Atlantic Hope/Graduate Exercise held at Indian River State College in Ft. Pierce Florida in March 2014.  This experience provided me with a 70 hour full immersion simulation where students role-play as members of an International Humanitarian Aid Agency that provides peace building assistance to the citizens of an imaginary county, which is in the midst of a civil war.   Through this exercise I gained a valuable, first-hand experience in conflict resolution and humanitarian related skills, which I strongly believe will be useful in local, national and international settings.

Clendenin Featured Recipient - Catherine Odera, PhD, Female
Catherine Odera

As a Clendenin Fellow, I am honored and grateful for the support of such an excellent program that has allowed me to accomplish so much in my PhD studies. I was one of twenty female college students in the U.S. chosen to participate in the 2013 Commission on the Status of Women Practicum at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Currently, I am completing my  Doctor of Philosophy degree in International Conflict Management with a focus on gender and peacebuilding.The Commission on the Status of Women, which was held in March 2013, focused on gender equality and the advancement of women. By participating in the practicum, I had the opportunity to observe how the United Nations works to address issues requiring multilateral engagement and coordinated action, negotiation, activism, advocacy, and networking with delegates from U.N countries all over the world. During this practicum, I had temporary delegate status to the U.N. to attend official and non-governmental organization (NGO) sessions and contribute to the official documentation of both official and NGO meetings.

Clendenin Featured Recipient - Catherine Odera, PhD, Female
Catherine Odera

2013 Commission on the Status of Women Practicum at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. 

Clendenin Featured Recipient - Jim Wright, Ed. D., Male
Jim Wright

As an assistant professor in the Bagwell College of Education, I am responsible for teaching practicing teachers and future teachers in the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs. The Clendinin Program was instrumental in providing support while I finished my doctoral degree. Because of this support, I am currently working in a profession that I love, and I am making a positive contribution to Kennesaw State University. More importantly, I am part of a team with a larger mission of influencing and guiding the next generation of public school teachers. This mission matches the goal of the fellowship, “to keep the lamp burning.”

Clendenin Featured Profile - Juanne Greene, Female
Juanne Greene

In 2009, I was amongst the first group of graduate students to be honored as a Clendenin Scholar. For me, it was indeed an honor to not only receive such a prestigious award, but more importantly to be connected to such a kind, inspiring family. The Clendenin Program was essential to my success in my doctoral program. In addition to funding my degree, the Clendenin Scholars Program made me realize that I was part of something greater. Understanding the Clendenin family’s vision for the program and for education overall motivated me to excel in my doctoral studies and to give back to the Clendenin Scholars Program. After graduating in 2012, I accepted a role in the DBA program as its director. As a faculty member in the Coles College of Business, I also teach upper level undergraduate management classes.

Clendenin Profile Slideshow image of Laura Davis, Female
Laura Davis

The Clendenin program allowed me to finish my Ph.D in Literary Studies and receive a graduate certificate in Gender and Women's Studies in 2011. Earning these credentials has given me the opportunity to contribute to two different spaces at KSU, where I enjoy teaching in the English Department as an associate professor and in the Gender and Women's Studies program, which I coordinate. Without the Clendenin program, I would not have had the financial ability it took to reach these goals, and I remain extremely grateful for the financial and moral support and encouragement I received as a recipient of such a prestigious award.

Clendenin profile slideshow of Laurie Ereddia, Female Recipient
Laurie Ereddia

After years working in small business, I returned to KSU to study accounting. I was honored to be selected as a 2013 Clendenin recipient. The scholarship allowed me to pursue my Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree, specializing in financial reporting and auditing. While in the program, I am taking the CPA exam and working as a graduate research assistant. After graduation, I will join the accounting firm Grant Thornton LLP as an audit associate. I look forward to the future and the opportunities afforded me by this scholarship. It is my hope that after years of professional growth, I can return to a university to teach accounting. I want to invest in the next generation of accounting students and hope to impact their lives the same way KSU has impacted mine.

Mission Statement

The Clendenin Family intends to recognize and award academically gifted students accepted into graduate degree programs at Kennesaw State University. KSU invites scholars nationwide who are interested in enrolling in a graduate degree program at KSU to apply for a Clendenin Scholarship.


  • Enrolled in a master's or doctorate program at KSU (EdD and EdS included)
  • Exemplify academic distinction and leadership potential
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Clear educational and career goals
  • Commitment to completing degree program

New applications will be accepted beginning November 1, 2014.