Employee Relocation and Moving Expense Agreement

 KSU will reimburse employees non-taxable IRS qualified expenses up to the approved budget amount within one year from date of employment.

Non-taxable qualified expenses include:
Moving van line (common carrier)
Rental truck (self-move)
Storage costs for household goods (up to 30 days)
Shipping of up to two vehicles
Final trip costs for employee and family which may include lodging for 2 nights and a maximum of $75.00 per night (no meals are reimbursable)
Airfare and auto expenses
Please refer to KSU’s relocation policy and IRS Publication 521 for further information.
Kennesaw does not reimburse expenses for:
Animals (other than household pets)
Camper trailers
Other non-household items
Also, KSU does not reimburse expenses incurred in any real estate, remodeling or utility transactions, nor the storage of goods, except storage of household effects for up to thirty (30) days. Non-qualified reimbursable expenses as determined by IRS regulations will not be reimbursed by the university.
Academic Moves (866-404-0234) provides no-cost relocation services including carrier discounts, priority move dates, community assessments and tours, home finding and rental services as part of their total personal move management program.  Academic Moves is a professional but independent service option offered to employees on a voluntary use basis.
Instructions for Completing the
Employee Expense and Relocation Reimbursement Form
1.   At the time of offer for reimbursement of relocation expenses, the employee’s supervisor will:
·         Complete and approve the upper portion of the Relocation Form
·         Submit a copy of the form (approved by the supervisor), along with a copy of the employee’s offer letter, to KSU Human Resources, located in Building #35, Campus Services
·         Give the original form to the employee for use in recording relocation expenses
2.   Once the move is complete, the employee will:
·         Complete columns 3 and 4 and sign the form
·         Submit the signed form along with the original receipts to the employee’s supervisor
3.   The employee’s supervisor will:
·         Review the form for accuracy
·         Identify costs associated with state and/or non-state funds and enter the totals in columns 1 and 2 of the form
·         Submit the completed (signed by the employee) along with the original receipts to KSU Human Resources
4.   KSU Human Resources will:
·         Review the form for completeness and consistency with the original offer letter
·         Submit the completed form to the Senior Payroll Manager for final review
5.   The KSU Senior Payroll Manager will:
·         Review attached receipts and verify that submitted expenses meet the IRS criteria for Qualified Moving Expenses
·         Verify the charges and account distributions
·         E-Mail the employee and notify them of the amount to be reimbursed and the pay-cycle on which it will be included.