3 Key Ingredients to a Data Science Degree

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Center for Digital Education
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No data science degree exists in the U.S. And that's a problem, because huge amounts of real-time data in all sectors need to be analyzed and acted on.

But this process currently passes through five people with specialized skill sets in different departments. And it takes weeks, if not months to do. Oftentimes, the market has changed by then, so the data's not even relevant.

Companies need one graduate who can do it all quickly: extract data, create tables for analysis, run the analysis, generate results and make decisions on those results. They're currently training these people in-house because universities aren't providing training.

However, in the long term, universities need to produce graduates who can fill these positions, said Jennifer Lewis Priestley, an associate professor of statistics and director of the Center for Statistics and Analytical Services at Kennesaw State University. She recommends three key ingredients to a data science degree and shares the reasons why no one's put them together.

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