Sen. Judson Hill proposes to end abortion coverage in the state health benefit plan

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Marietta Daily Journal
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by Jon Gillooly
February 07, 2013 03:43 PM

State Sen. Judson Hill (R-Marietta) has introduced a bill that would end abortion coverage by the state health insurance plan.

Hill said the health plan covers about 600,000 state employees and their dependents, from teachers to state Department of Transportation engineers.

While the number of abortions performed under the state health plan has been decreasing for the past three years, Hill believes the number is still too high.

“A large number of women a year choose to have abortions paid for by the state health benefit plan,” he said. “Making someone pay for another’s abortion, whether one or many, should be prohibited.”

Under Senate Bill 98, Hill said women would still be free to have abortions, but the state just would not pay for them. ...

Kerwin Swint, a political science professor at Kennesaw State University, said he’s unsure of the bill’s chances of passing the Georgia Senate, let alone the House.

“Georgia is more conservative than most of the country is, so there’s probably a stronger appetite for it here than there would be in other Republican states,” Swint said. “But the Republican Party is in this sort of soul-searching mode right now where they’re trying to appeal to a broader base of people. They’re trying to figure out how to appeal to more women. A lot of Republicans will probably say, ‘this is not what we need right now.’”