Student Parking Appeals

Faculty, staff, and visitor appeals should be directed to KSU Parking Operations (Operating Unit of Auxiliary Services and Programs).

Click here for the Student Parking Citation Appeal Form (PDF)

The following reasons are not considered acceptable grounds for student parking appeals:

  • Forgetfulness or oversight in displaying correct decals or temporary hangtags. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and display these documents for all vehicles brought on campus.
  • Lack of knowledge or deliberate disregard of KSU Parking Rules, found online at:
  • Lateness to class or appointment.
  • Claims of inability to find a legal parking space.
  • Appeals based solely on a request for leniency or warning in the absence of significant mitigating circumstances.
  • Appeals submitted after the 14 calendar day deadline, barring pre-approved reasons for unavoidable delay.

The following reasons will likely result in a “Denied” appeal based on established precedent:

“I received a citation, why?”

Decals must be "clearly visible" at all times when parking on campus and must be affixed in the lower left corner of the front windshield. The permit number on the decal must be visible.

“What if I wrecked my vehicle or my vehicle was being repaired?”

Students may obtain temporary hangtags from the Welcome Center at no cost for up to 4 days.

“I was unaware KSU gave out temporary hangtags.”

Lack of knowledge is not valid grounds for appeal. You can obtain a temporary hangtag at the Welcome Center booth located at the Visitors Lot (near Lot B).

“I parked on landscaping/in the roadway/not in a marked parking space because there were no signs indicating No Parking.”

Students may only park in marked spaces in a decal-appropriate lot. Refer to KSU Parking Rules and Regulations for more information.

“I parked in a visitor space because I wasn’t here for class/I was visiting a friend who lives on campus/I just needed to run in for a moment to do something.”

Students are never visitors as defined by KSU Parking Rules and Regulations.

“I didn’t see the sign.”

Lack of observation is not valid grounds for appeal. One way to avoid this is to look around the area for any signs before you leave your car.

“Someone else parked over the line causing me to park over the line.”

You can either go find another parking space or park your car within the lines, even if doing so does not leave enough room for the other car.

 “I forgot to get my decal at the beginning of the semester, so I parked in the visitor’s parking. I planned on paying, but I got a citation anyway.”

If this happens to you, pay the fee for parking in visitor’s, then take your receipt to the Department of Parking and Transportation. Be aware that students should not be parked in visitor spaces during the hours of 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. Students are never visitors as defined by KSU Parking Rules and Regulations.   

“I didn’t know my decal expired.”

The expiration date for your decal is the last day of class for every semester.

“I parked in the striped area to avoid getting a dent in my car.”

Cars should not park in the striped areas no matter the reason. If someone has parked over the line and the open space is near a striped area, do not park in the striped area.  

Please Note:

  • The burden of proof for an appeal rests on the student, not the officer who issued the citation. An appeal claiming a citation was issued erroneously without evidence or details supporting such a claim will be “Denied.”
  • Witness statements submitted with appeals will be verified and photographs attached to appeals will be compared to photographs taken at the time the citation was issued.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to obtain an appropriate parking decal each semester.
  • If you live on campus, parking decals must be visible at all times in its proper location (affixed in the lower left corner of the front windshield) when parked at your apartment complex or it is subject to a parking citation and/or your vehicle may be booted or towed.
  • Students with questions about the appeal process may contact the Student Parking Appeals Coordinator of the Department of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity at 470.578.3403. For questions concerning payment, please contact the Bursar’s Office at 470.578.6013. For questions concerning parking rules and regulations, please contact the Department of Parking and Transportation at 470.578.6506.