Technology Equipment Procedures

Kennesaw State University’s policies regarding technology purchases, relocation and surplus are located at the KSU Policy website.

Equipment Needs and Purchases

  • Can I request gently used IT equipment instead of purchasing new equipment?

    Yes, UITS has a small inventory of gently used equipment.  Please submit a Technology Purchase Request and note in the Additional Details field that you are requesting used equipment.

  • How do I purchase new technology?

    Please submit a Technology Purchase Request.

  • When can I expect to receive the equipment I have requested?
    It is the goal of UITS to distribute requested equipment in a timely fashion.  Once UITS receives all of the required information, the approximate time for equipment disbursement is two weeks.  *Please note that this timeframe is an estimate only and is initiated from the point when all information is received rather than the date of request.  This estimate is subject to change during periods of high volume.
  • What happens to equipment that is sent to surplus?
    All surplus equipment is sold via an online auction through the state Department of Administrative Services (DOAS). For more information regarding surplus purchases, please visit the DOAS website.


Responsible Custodianship of Equipment

  • How is equipment tracked?

    When equipment is assigned to you by UITS, the equipment is registered in the Asset Database under your name as the responsible party until UITS is notified of a change of ownership, position change, or separation from KSU.  UITS is required to obtain a signed form for mobile devices and all components.  A copy of the form is left for the customer who is the assigned responsible party.

  • How do I transfer ownership of my equipment?

    To reassign equipment to a new owner, please email the Service Desk at Your request must include the KSU asset tag number (e.g. P12345) and the current location and owner of the equipment.  The Asset Database will be updated and any necessary forms will be completed.

  • How do I return my unused or outdated IT equipment?
    To return unused or outdated equipment, please e-mail the Service Desk at Your request must include the KSU asset tag number (e.g. P12345), a brief description of the equipment, and the current location and current owner of the equipment.  UITS will contact you to schedule a time for pick up.
  • What happens to the data on the equipment I return?
    Data stored on returned computers is retained by UITS for a minimum of two (2) weeks. If the returned computer is to be reused, the hard drive will be wiped and re-imaged for security purposes. If the returned computer is going to be sent to surplus, the hard drive is removed, degaussed (demagnetized), and destroyed.  If you have questions regarding this process, please e-mail


Missing/Stolen Equipment

  • What do I do if my IT equipment is lost or stolen?

    If equipment is lost or stolen while on campus, immediately contact the KSU Police Department (non-Emergency) at 470-578-6206 or  A copy of the police report must be sent to